about1_photo Welcome to my web site. I am greatfull for the opportunity to share my art. I am one of those people who have always loved creating. From mud pies in my youth to clay in my later years. The years inbetween were filed with paints, fabrics, yarns, leather, beads, mosaics, plants and kids.I was introduced to clay in 2002 and have kept my hands in it since. Clay is a very ancient substance containing molecules from our beginings. Clay compels me to express the anthropomorphic nature of our existance. That’s not heavy, that’s fun! So I hope you enjoy and have fun in my galleries. 

I should mention the faces in my art began in ernest when my studio became a 22 ft’ ceremonial tipi. Whether slab-building garden art, totems, rattles, or imaginary creatures, faces are3 always present.  My various other pages will explain the wood firing process, my favorite finnish, garden art, totems, and my tipi experience. Thank you for your interest. Munay, Kathy