about1_photo I have lived in California all my life..

..and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. I moved to the mountains of Tuolumne County, where I still live, in 1969. I then began creating art using mosaic as my medium of expression. In 2003, my path crossed with Harry Nakamoto and his Anagama wood fired kiln.

In ancient times, wood firing used to be the only means to fire clay. I have fallen in love with the organic process of the wood-fired kiln because it produces always-unique results and gives me the sense of co-creating with the universe.

When I sculpt with clay the essence of the earth guides my hands and my vision.

What emerges is primal, instinctual, and multi-dimensional. Clay is often the beginning of the creative process. However, along the way molecules of various persuasions combine with the clay, such as feathers, wood, stones, seeds, and mosaic applications. Although at first glance my art may seem alien to some, for me the anthropomorphic expression is harmony – the combining of fluctuating essence.